A quick intro.

Hi Everyone,

This is my new website. Woo hoo hoo! And here, by way of introduction, is, a quick introduction…

In a couple weeks time I will be heading back to Berlin for another three-month stint and I have been thinking about how I enjoyed writing about my last trip. It definitely makes a difference to you how you go about your daily thoughts and observations when you know you are going to write something later – even if I eventually stopped writing and posting during the last few weeks of my trip for the same reason.

Also, I was a little (and pleasantly) surprised to find that a few people outside of my mom and dad had been reading the posts I made on Facebook. In light of this, and having received some sound advice from my great pal (and online guru / third in line to the throne / master baker) Leanne Renken, I have made a blog site so that I can put all posts here along with general links to music, videos and other information. (On that note, to all of you who did mention to me over the past couple of months that you had read my posts or been following my adventures, and if even if you did not intend it that way, thank you for the encouragement!).

Also, even though I have not left yet, I will start writing anyway…because being in Joburg is just as awesome as being in Berlin. And to prove it, here is a video of a peacock I took this weekend in the street outside of my friends Nathan and Levinia’s building.




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