April Gigs!

Hi everyone!

If you are in the Joburg or Pretoria area, I have a bunch of really nice gigs coming up in April…


Thursday 2 April – Kitcheners’ Good Thursday Party in Braamfontein

…featuring (in order of appearance) DJ Okapi, Charles Leonard, me, Glass Swan, Data Takashi, BLK JKS SNDSYSTM, Moonchild and KingB



Friday 10 April – with Die See at Amuse Cafe in Linden

These guys are the best. It’s always so great to play with them.



Saturday 18 April – a Secret Soirée with Empire Of Desire in Pretoria

This is going to be a really special house show complete with braai-vibes and is kid friendly. Tickets are limited so book soon!


and more info at



Friday 24 April – with The Near Misses at The Bo in Westdene

Can’t wait to play this show with Hagen Engler (my long-time, words-and-music, PE-to-G’town-to-Cape-Town-to-Joburg, scene conspirator) and his new band.


Okidoaks. Hope to see you along the way.



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