Berlin / Europe Summer Tour

Hi everyone,

Having rented and moved out of my flat nearly three weeks ago (which I only mention as a way to include a picture of my current practice space in my sister’s old bedroom), I am now a couple of days away from leaving Johannesburg for Berlin and a European summer full of shows and travels.


This is the first time that I will be properly touring in Europe and I am super excited about it. Below is a list of all the confirmed dates so far (there might be one two more). About a third are in Berlin and the rest are scattered around Germany, France and The Netherlands. Pop by if you can or, if you know anyone in these areas or if you know any cool things to see and do, please send word in the relevant direction.

Thanks! 🙂

May 23 – Kallasch&, Berlin, Germany

May 29 – Uptown Coffee Bar, Leipzig, Germany

May 30 – 12 Grad Aetherloge, Berlin, Germany

May 31 – Untertitel Berlin, Germany

June 4  – Hard Rock 2 Berlin, Germany

June 6  – ValentinStüberl Berlin, Germany

June 11  – Mühlstraße 14 Leipzig, Germany

June 12  – Kugelbahn, Berlin, Germany

June16 – CC Muziekcafé, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 18  – c.ult, Bielefeld, Germany

June 19 – Café ‘t Vereinshoes, Vaals, Netherlands

June 20 – La Chaouée, Metz, France

June 26 – Celtic Pub, Tarbes, France

June 27- Les Concerts Cachés, Carcassonne, France

June 28 – Kraspek Myzik, Lyon, France

June 29 – Dwaze Zaken, Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 3 – Sonnendek, Teutschenthal, Germany

July 4 – Café Grenzenlos, Cottbus, Germany

July 11 – Gelegenheiten, Berlin, Germany

July 12 – RAKATAK Festival, Berlin, Germany

July 23 – Zimmer 16, Berlin, Germany

July 30 – Marias Ballroom, Hamburg, Germany

July 31 – Thipi, Rotterdam, Netherlands

August 7 – Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany


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