Last Night at the Ofen Bar (and An Idea!)

Me at the Ofen Bar

Me at the Ofen Bar. This photo was taken from the back row. Jokes, it was from about the second or third  row from the back.

I played a super cool gig at a super cool little bar last night. The place is called Ofen Bar (Misu&Musi) and I think it is the smallest and cosiest place I have ever played. The capacity must be about 15 people but the atmosphere and audience are awesome. Also on the lineup was the Italian blues/folkster Matteo Tambussi who has some great tunes that he played on an overdriven twelve-string acoustic and he has a voice that reminds me of Freddy Mercury in his lower ranges.

I’ve also come up with a great idea! Because my show has quite a regular structure (with all my gear, etc, it kind of needs to be that way so that I can remember everything) I think it would be possible to make a live video over the next few months by asking the audience at each show to film short video clips on their phones which they can email to me and which I can then splice into one long video. I will also have the live recording which I will be making this Sunday at the Culture Container to use at the basic sound track. What do you think of that?!  I think it will be awesome!!!


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