Second last…and first!


Mr Phil Alves, looking good at Tempelhof.

Last night I played at Madame Claude, the penultimate show of my trip. It was a really good show and it has left me with a nice feeling heading into the recording at Culture Container tomorrow. The audience was small to begin with but the room filled up throughout the gig and by the end, even through Madame Claude’s performance space is two levels below the street and quite removed from the summer heat, it was quite a hot and sweaty affair on stage (which, good vibes aside, also led to a couple salty-eyed and sweaty-handed moments of things-nearly-going-quite-wrong). I got some really nice comments after the show and one in particular made me feel pretty good: Madame Claude’s sound guy, who has also been there for my last couple shows at the venue, said that he really liked the show, that it has improved a lot and that he especially liked one song which isn’t on Dolorous (I gave him a copy last time I played there) – which means that he had already actually listened to my album and knew the songs!! Cooool!!! Haha.

Also on the lineup last night was the beautiful and delicate folk of Rey Villalobos aka House Of Wolves. What a super sweet guy and great musician! We got to chat a bit before the show and I (as politely as possible) picked his brain about touring in Europe, which he has been doing for years.

Phil had arrived on Thursday afternoon and we had spent all of yesterday cycling around the city so the night ended shortly after the show. Today has also been pretty lazy with breakfast around the corner, a trip to the supermarket for general home supplies and then lazing under a tree by the canal. I did, however, receive the first video for my live-concert-by-cellphone concept from someone who I didn’t know before the show. So awesome! (Thanks Cat Secretário! You are the best!).

And, I got a new hat. 


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