European Tour Dates!

My second European tour kicks off in three week time! There might be one or two dates still to add but mostly everything is booked, cars have been rented, etc. I am revisiting a few cities but there lots of new places (and countries!) that I am super excited about. If you are in the area please come along and say hi and have a beer! (or send your friends if I happen to be passing through their part of the world 🙂 )

Nov 19 | Berlin – DE | Artliners
Nov 20 | Berlin – DE | Kallasch&
Nov 21 | Berlin – DE | 12 Grad Aetherloge
Nov 27 | Olten – CH | Coq d’Or
Nov 28 | Freiburg – DE | Die NotenDiele
Nov 29 | Milano – IT | Zog Navigli
Nov 30 | Milano – IT | Gattò (Opening for Ofeliadorme)
Dec 1 | Zurich – CH | Langstars
Dec 2 | Grenoble – FR | Le Ness
Dec 3 | Lyon – FR | Kraspek Myzik
Dec 4 | Montluçon – FR | Le Majestic
Dec 6 | Amiens – FR | Sombrero Café
Dec 8 | Lille – FR | Quelque Part Records
Dec 9 | Ghent – BE | Bombardon
Dec 11 | Metz – FR | La Chaouée
Dec 12 | Brussels – BE | House Show
Dec 13 | Bochum – DE | Cafe Eden
Dec 16 | Poznan – PL | Meskalina
Dec 17 | Dresden – DE | Laika
Dec 18 | Leipzig – DE | Mühlstraße 14
Dec 19 | Cologne – DE | Motoki
Dec 20 | Amsterdam – NL | Pompstation
Dec 21 | Amsterdam – NL | Dwaze Zaken
Dec 22 | Nijmegen – NL | Cafe Camelot
Jan 9 | Berlin – DE | Gelegenheiten
Jan 12 | Berlin – DE | Mme Claude



Pre-Tour Catch Up

Hi all,

It’s been a couple of months of no blog but with a new European tour on the horizon, and some other stuff on the go, it is time for a bit of a catch up. So, fairly briefly, this what has been happening…

I got back to Joburg from Berlin towards the end of August and I promptly got the flu. Then I went with my family and a bunch of my parent’s friends to Mozambique for a few awesome days to celebrate my moms 65th birthday. Then I came home and got the flu again. Having finally got over that, I settled back into my flat and started converting the spare room into a recording space in which to start working on a new album. Mostly, this just meant getting everything (including the eight large sheets of sound-proofing foam that I found last year at the back of a second-hand warehouse in Craddock) set up nicely but I did have to seal up the window which required layers of plastic, cardboard, foam and a very heavy piece of superwood for which I had to mimic (but not, I should add, emulate) an olympic weightlifter to get into place. (I also managed to make a new bookshelf with the off-cuts and the help and expertise of my great pal Colin).

My recording room!

My recording room!

And the bookshelf :)

And the bookshelf 🙂

WIth that all done, I got to work trying to write some new tunes. My plan is to try and write twenty songs from which I can choose about ten or twelve for the album. Over the next three or four weeks I managed to write seven before the juice ran out. I then soldiered on for while but was only really coming up with scraps, although I did record a version of Nirvana’s Something in the Way which I would like to find something to do with. I’ve decided to give the writing a break now while I get ready for the tour but I’m hoping that by the end of February next year I have enough material to start putting the album together for a release in April or May.

While the writing was going on I also managed to edit and send out into the world the live video from my gig at the Culture Container in Berlin. And in between all of this I was putting the finishing touches onto my tour schedule, making a new poster design and getting some new press photographs taken. I also had a fun few days with The Buckfever Underground during which we played a poetry stage at the Aardklop festival in Potchefstroom and a couple house show in Johannesburg,

Oh! And I also made a small video of Berlin in the summertime, which as my first kind-of film-making effort I am quite proud of it: