Pre-Tour Catch Up

Hi all,

It’s been a couple of months of no blog but with a new European tour on the horizon, and some other stuff on the go, it is time for a bit of a catch up. So, fairly briefly, this what has been happening…

I got back to Joburg from Berlin towards the end of August and I promptly got the flu. Then I went with my family and a bunch of my parent’s friends to Mozambique for a few awesome days to celebrate my moms 65th birthday. Then I came home and got the flu again. Having finally got over that, I settled back into my flat and started converting the spare room into a recording space in which to start working on a new album. Mostly, this just meant getting everything (including the eight large sheets of sound-proofing foam that I found last year at the back of a second-hand warehouse in Craddock) set up nicely but I did have to seal up the window which required layers of plastic, cardboard, foam and a very heavy piece of superwood for which I had to mimic (but not, I should add, emulate) an olympic weightlifter to get into place. (I also managed to make a new bookshelf with the off-cuts and the help and expertise of my great pal Colin).

My recording room!

My recording room!

And the bookshelf :)

And the bookshelf 🙂

WIth that all done, I got to work trying to write some new tunes. My plan is to try and write twenty songs from which I can choose about ten or twelve for the album. Over the next three or four weeks I managed to write seven before the juice ran out. I then soldiered on for while but was only really coming up with scraps, although I did record a version of Nirvana’s Something in the Way which I would like to find something to do with. I’ve decided to give the writing a break now while I get ready for the tour but I’m hoping that by the end of February next year I have enough material to start putting the album together for a release in April or May.

While the writing was going on I also managed to edit and send out into the world the live video from my gig at the Culture Container in Berlin. And in between all of this I was putting the finishing touches onto my tour schedule, making a new poster design and getting some new press photographs taken. I also had a fun few days with The Buckfever Underground during which we played a poetry stage at the Aardklop festival in Potchefstroom and a couple house show in Johannesburg,

Oh! And I also made a small video of Berlin in the summertime, which as my first kind-of film-making effort I am quite proud of it:


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