EuroSpring Tour Dates

It’s been a bit quiet on the ol’ blog front lately so this is just a quick announcement to say that I will be heading off to Europe next week for a quick little tour. I will be mostly in Berlin and Munich in Germany but I also have a few shows in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. All the dates are below and you or any of your pals are in the various areas, please send yourselves or them round.
14/4/2016- Artliners – Berlin, Germany
16/4/2016 – Kallasch& – Berlin, Germany
17/4/2016 – EXIL Cafe – Chemitz, Germany
18/4/2016 – Ofen Bar – Berlin, Germany
19/4/2016 – Kyeso Musikbar – Munich, Germany
20/4/2016 – Shamrock Irish Pub – Munich, Germany
21/4/2016 – Cafe Bar Mellow – Munich, Germany
22/4/2016 – Champions Bar – Munich, Germany
23/4/2016 – Euro Youth Hotel – Munich, Germany
25/4/2016 – Le Local – Strasbourg, France
26/4/2016 – Le Discobole – Colmar, France
28/4/2016 – La Porte Noire – Brussels, Belgium
29/4/2016 – Noorderlicht – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Also, big big thanks to Dominik Hruby from Compact Collective for his major efforts in putting the Munich section of the tour together.

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