Album is done :)!


After three years of work, my new album is complete! It is called Becoming and will be officially released on 10 November. Even though it felt like each stage of the recording, mixing and mastering took longer than expected it has been a really great experience. I learned a lot and I think (I hope!) I progressed as a musician and self-producer. Now it is just a matter of looking forward to the response. ARGH!! THE RESPONSE!! I say am looking forward to it but of course I am also quite terrified that no one will like it or, probably even worse, that no one will even notice. The joys of trying to be an artist, musician, human being, etc.

Below is Becoming’s opening track. It is called The Days of Our Lives. Yup, just like the soap opera. I suppose I could have called it something else but when a name sticks, it sticks. It is a thing to try and decide which is the right song to send out first but as this one was invariably the first track I would play for any friends who visited during the recording it is seems a fitting introduction.


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