Untitled (a music video)

A while back I was chatting to Julien, my press/media guy, about which song would be good to lead with for the new album. While, in my little corner of the music world, I don’t think that it is necessary to release a ‘single’ or anything like that, it does still seem like a good idea to have a song which you can focus on in the beginning. Julien suggested the song Untitled, reasons being that it comes in at under 3 minutes, which is perfect for radio, and it was also the song that he had gone back to for repeat listens when he first listened to Becoming. And, if possible, could I make a music video for it?

Now I have a fairly undistinguished history of making music videos. Aside from the ones I make at home, any attempts at making a music video have always ended up without a music video. The Road, On My Own and my cover of Nirvana’s Something In The Way all had a start, with footage being shot and animations being developed. Then they all fizzled out in the face of, I dunno, life, the universe and everything.

This time was to be no different. The only thing I can say from my initial attempts to make a video for Untitled is that at least we didn’t actually do anything. Any wasted effort was contained to a single discussion over a very nice pizza and a single cancelled shoot date. But I was still left needing a video and so after some contemplation, and a friendly check-in from Julien about how this was coming along, I came upon the idea of revisiting something that I had made a few years ago.

When I visited Berlin for the first time, I was obviously taking a lot of photos on my phone and eventually saving them on my computer. One day, when scrolling through these saved images, I noticed that when you went through them all quickly in succession they made a really cool kind of stop-motion movie . So I cranked up Movie Maker and started importing photos and by the end of my trip, using my song Seasons as the soundtrack, I had a really cool slide-show-slash-music-video.

It has been more than three years since that first trip to Berlin (crazy!) and I reckoned I had enough photos to try make a similar video for Untitled. Did I ever, 13000 of them. It took me a couple of days to go through them all, pulling out sequences that I thought would work. That left me with about 4000 which, over the next few days, I whittled down into something that made at least a little bit of narrative sense (using Adobe Premiere, of course, because I am now a pro). Finally, with some very helpful feedback from my friend, the intrepid journalist and budding documentary maker, Helene Dancer, I rounded it off and stuck it up on YouTube.

The end result is, I think, is a great snapshot of my last few years and it gives a sense, in some way, of the distance that I have travelled. And in  I think it also fits quite snuggly with the themes of the song itself. So take a look…


And here is the video for Seasons, the prequel if you will…


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