Liedjesfestival / Podcast Interview

Last week I was in Nijmegen in The Netherlands for the Liedjesfestival, a show organised by my friends in the Liedjescollectief. The Liedjescollectief are a group of bands and musicians who have come together through a love of power-pop (Fountains Of Wayne, Weezer, etc) and with the general appreciation that working as group can be more beneficial than working alone. I met them though Niekse, a Dutch singer-songwriter who has since become a good friend, when I passed through Nijmegen on tour in 2015. Niekse and I have since toured together and I’ve also been back to Nijmegen for shows with, or organised by, other members of the collective (the core of which are in the band You Should Get To Know Us).

While everything was being setup for the show, I was interviewed by Daan de Bruijn for his podcast series De Kleedkamercast. We had a great chat about hows and whys of me becoming a musician, etc. You can take a listen to that here:


The festival itself is was great fun. Part party, part festival, part family reunion. There were eight acts across two stages with styles ranging from folk/singer-songwriter to power-pop to heavy blues. I also got to chat a bit more to a couple of the guys who I had only met briefly before and hopefully we have sown some seeds for future collaborations.


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