Press / Media


Zitty Berlin (DE), The Flow (ZA)Don’t Party (ZA)Multicoolty (DE), afk M94.5 (DE), ANN7-SATY (ZA)Thomann Videoblog (DE)CPT-BLN (DE).



Becoming:   Underdog (DE), Intro (DE), La Magic Box (FR), Buffablog (US), Pop Revue Express (FR), Esptrits Critiques (FR), Liability (FR)Ung Tro (SE)Jazzquad (RU)De Subjectivisten (NL)

Dolorous: Rockambula (2015 Top 20)SodapopAmikaOndarockKD CobainFördeflüstererDes Chips et Du RoséGonzo Circus,  Kathodik,,  Indiestyle,  RifRaf,  Sound&Image,  Music Zine,  La Music Box,  Music In Belgium,  Muzzart,  SA Music Scene,  The Equal Ground.

All The Things: SA Music Scene The Equal Ground,  Another-Day.

Too Early In The Journey:  Vetseun,  Versindaba,  Muse,  The New Age.

Live reviews: SA Music Scene,  Rolling Stone,  The Times.

Blog Posts:  Hop Blog (FR), Noonday TuneToute OuieHappy Days Are Here Again,  EuroTrashMusic,  Another-Day,  The Weekly Mixtape,  Are You Charlie,  So Many Animal Calls.


On the radio: 

Senzor  AM 328 (NL), / 917xfm / ALEX Berlin (DE), Radio B (FR), KUR (US), Radio Stolliahc (FR), Forge Radio (UK)NDR (DE), Radio Panik (BE), FSK TimeOut (DE), Jet FM (FR)o domínio dos deuses (PT), Toxicosmos (ES).


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