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Seasons – live at home

The Road – live at home

Live at the Culture Container (Berlin, 9 August, 2015)

Live at Openroom – Part 1 (Johannesburg, 17 October, 2014)

Live at Openroom – Part 2 (Johannesburg, 17 October, 2014)

Live at Openroom – Part 3 (Johannesburg, 17 October, 2014)


Music video for my song ‘Seasons‘ made with pics from my first trip to Berlin

Live video of ‘Airport Blues’ shot at my home in Johannesburg by Doug Bower (photographer, film maker and guitarist for Desmond & The Tutus)

Live video of ‘The Road’ made for Ruhm4U in Berlin

Promo video for the JBay Winter Fest 2013 using the Klein Baas & Mt Kidu remix of ‘Baby Shoes’  

El Jimador promo video using ‘Break A Smile’